• This is absolutely informative. Wasn’t aware some even exist but the conventional and of course bitcoins etc. Thanks mate. I love this site…

  • i love this article, contemplating in purchasing a real property and to get hooked up with that hence started to do some research in other types of investment there is here in Malaysia.

    good knowledge sharing here. Thanks!

  • Hi, Mr Stingy. Are you based in Malaysia? What do you do with Luno as there’s no withdrawal allowed now, but only to convert to Ethereum.

    • Hello Faith,

      Yes, I’m based in KL! You?

      Withdrawals with Luno have been ongoing since March 2018. So you can definitely withdraw your money if you want. The only thing that’s pending is deposits — but with the Securities Commission looking to regulate the industry in Q1 2019 — hopefully that clears up soon!

  • With the collapse of Peer to Peer lending in China like PP Miao, a state backed company, how safe we are in Malaysia even we have 6 approved companies by SC?

    • As far as I understand, in China many of the P2P lenders started up even before regulations came into play. It’s different here in Malaysia: we had firm regulation and licenses issued, before any of the companies could start operating. So I expect it to be safer here.

      That being said, of course high returns comes with higher risk. Would never ask anyone who wants 14-15% returns to put in all their money there. Maybe just a portion of the portfolio which can accept higher risk?

  • Hello
    Im a newbie investor here . Can you guide me how to create the account as im very interested on REIT in your articles . Hope you can contact me thru the my details below as I need a teacher to start investing in the future . Thanks

  • Hi Aaron, I’m a new freshman in investing. Found your site by accident few days ago and you provide all good yet transparent info! A great blog to follow 🙂

    I’m thinking to start in REIT but in some other blogs they mention that we would need a brokerage to purchase. Can you write a post on brokerage? Eg. What is brokerage? Top brokerage in Malaysia, etc.

    Appreciate your hard work and sharing! Keep this up.

  • Thank you so much. Truly appreciate it.
    Straight forward , easy to digest and very useful article for someone like me.

  • One more avenue that you can advise your reader to invest via timesharing like East West One palm oil plantation scheme which approved by SSM. However, there are failure too like Golden Palm Growers Bhd, the second case in Malaysia.

    • Thanks Lim — haven’t heard of this before. Do you have any links where people can find out more and maybe sign up? Thanks.

  • I personally like P2P Lending very much, it has help me to generate passive income. I am using 3 platforms now, B2B Finpal, Fundaztic & Funding Societies.

      • Hi Mr. Stingy. Reading P2P seem interesting for investment. When you said losing money, do you meaning losing all my money invested?

        • Hey Lim,

          I haven’t actually looked too deeply into whether it’s possible that you will lose all your money (or maybe just a portion?) if the company defaults on its payments. However I’m sure the Securities Commission has drafted out a very reasonable guideline. Just haven’t had time to fully investigate yet. If anyone knows — please share!

  • Hi there,

    Just want to share. If one wants to invest in gold or silver, they may try to buy it from Public Gold. There, you will get physical gold or silver at affordable price. They even have this GAP (Gold Accumulative Program) where you can open an account with them and deposit RM100/month. Whenever you have enough amount to but, say 1g of gold (it’s RM177/g at the moment), you can just go to the nearest branch and convert your saving to a physical gold. Do not worry as they are Shariah compliant and they hold to the concept “Beli Emas, Dapat Emas”.

  • I super love this article. Thank you for taking the time to compile this super informative article. I felt so ‘liberated’ knowing that there are other investment options that are easy and doable with less hassle compared to buying properties etc.
    Again tq

  • Well done! A comprehensively researched and written article, I know, I’ve clicked thru some of the links.

    Definitely a good guide for those who want to DIY, which many young people start to do as they take charge of their financial destiny.

    One note about risk/reward is that its important for people to recognise that the market is not a computer simulation where dialing risk one way or the other will magically dial the reward commensurately. Risk is priced because the more unknowns the product has, the more market will put a premium on it. The more we study about a product and the more we know about it, the risk for that product comes down for us.

    I would also suggest a financial advisor that act as an middleman offering a range of risk/reward products should be sacked. Instead get a financial advisor precisely because of what this column does and signifies, impart knowledge to reduce our risk in the market.

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