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What is mr-stingy?

mr-stingy is my personal blog dedicated to the art of optimization — getting more value by using resources better. It’s for the everyday person who wants to make his/her life better — without dying of exhaustion, unhappiness or going bankrupt.

I like to call myself mr-stingy as a play on words. And since I’ve actually been described as “stingy” before.

An example of this type of stinginess is choosing to not buy an expensive car. But using that money for investment and charitable giving instead.


What mr-stingy is not

mr-stingy is not about being stingy in the traditional sense of the word. It’s not about being selfish, petty or hoarding stuff.


What kind of posts can I expect on mr-stingy?

Any kind of information that will help improve quality of life and happiness. Better and more efficient ways of doing things. I also like writing about relationships and personal finance. And getting things done in the most economical way possible.

Here’s a link to my best posts for you to start with.

Forgive me if every once in a while I go off on a tangent and write about something that doesn’t fit in.


Where did mr-stingy come from?

When I was 12, I wanted to become a chess grandmaster. But I wasn’t very good, so I retired right after FIFA ’97 came out. At age 14, I discovered Tony Buzan’s mind maps, and dreamed about participating in the World Memory Championships.

At age 16 – I wanted to become an economist, and that culminated in me taking an “Introduction to Finance” course in university 5 years later.

At age 26 – I decided I wanted to become a dating guru, and published a blog about relationships that nobody read.

At age 29 – I realized that I wasn’t particularly interested in chess strategy or memory tricks – but I loved self-improvement. I also realized that I loved optimizing the use of money more than I loved making it. And I wanted to be a dating guru – because I knew better ways of approaching dating & relationships.

The biggest realization was that these weren’t just random interests, but signs of who I have always been: A guy trying to get the most out of life with whatever I have.

At age 30 – I published mr-stingy.


Why should we trust you?

As mentioned in my About page, I don’t have any formal credentials to dispense life advice. But I like to have my posts backed up with links of reputable information from the Internet. I love reading cool stuff online and will share them liberally throughout this blog.

A lot of my posts come from personal experiences too.

If anything, I’m probably a bigger nerd than you. Trust me, I’m an engineer.


How does mr-stingy make money?

mr-stingy puts food on the table like how most of us do: he has a 9-6 job.

I also have some affiliate links on this website. If you buy something I recommend — I’ll get a small commission to support mr-stingy — but at absolutely no cost to you.

Sometimes I get invited for paid speaking gigs too — that’s usually fun.


So what’s the purpose of mr-stingy then?

To share ideas that I believe in, and can help people.


I like the idea. What should I do next?

Start by checking out my best posts. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. Or subscribe to my newsletter in the box below. Finally, I would really love to hear from you. You can email me at mrstingy2014(at)

Thank you for your support.


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