The Best Loved Articles of 2014

How was your 2014?

While 2014 was difficult for me personally, it was a great year for

Launched just six months ago in June 2014, mr-stingy has already reached readers from 91 countries around the world. It’s also been featured in international publications like The Good Men Project and Business Insider. Traffic has been steadily increasing. But perhaps most importantly — I’m having more fun than ever writing.

I’ve a few announcements to make for 2015. But before that, here’s a final nostalgic look at the best of last year: the most loved articles of 2014.


 1. 5 Career Lessons I Learned from 5 Memorable Bosses

I don’t usually write career advice, but maybe I should. A lot of people said nice things about this one. It’s about meaningful career lessons I learned from five of my most memorable ex-bosses. Quite interestingly — some of them actually discovered the article. Fortunately they liked it. Phew.


2. What My Father Taught Me About Love

Written to commemorate my father’s seventieth birthday. My father didn’t always love in conventional ways. But I never doubted that he loved his kids more than anything in the world.  This is the story of what Dad taught me about love.


3. 5 Uncommon Truths About Money You Need to Hear

Totally unexpected — but this is the single most visited article on Maybe it’s because of the “Upworthy” style title (which is horribly overused, I know). But I stand by everything I wrote here. Check it out if you’d like a new way to view money.


4. I Was Born a Racist, But I’m Not Gonna Die One

My first article to be published on The Malaysian Insider. I wrote it because racism is a natural trait born in every single one of us. But that doesn’t mean we should act on our natural impulses. Our humanity means we can be better. We can be colorblind.


5. 5 Lessons to Learn from Tragic Flight MH370

The second-most shared piece I have ever written, with more than four thousand shares. In an extremely difficult 2014 for Malaysia, this article reminds us that in life — all we can do is try our best, make peace with both God and men, and love. Because love is all that matters.


What’s Happening in 2015?

I’m very happy to announce that mr-stingy is undergoing an upgrade. The Internet hosting upgrade (for speed) has already been completed, and the website will have a new look by early January. I’m also planning a series of interviews with very successful people. To learn optimization lessons from the best of them.

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Above all, please write to me. I love hearing from my readers! Tell me if you like something I wrote. Or if you have a suggestion for an article. Or even if you think I’m an idiot. A blog is nothing without its readers. And I’m very grateful to each and every one of you.

So thank you for 2014.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world in 2015.

– Aaron –


Pic Credit: Diane Metzler

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