Our Gratitude Jar-nal for 2021

Something new I tried in 2021 was writing short notes about things I’m grateful for.

My wife was the one who suggested the idea, and each of us aimed to write one gratitude note every week. Between the both of us, we wrote 42 notes last year.

On 1st January 2022, we opened our gratitude jar, read about all the things we were grateful for and had a lovely chat about them.

Here’s what we found:

January 2021

  • During my vacation, most systems worked well and I wasn’t disturbed at all.
  • I’m thankful to have a very supportive boss.
  • An unexpected bonus, and still peace in this country.
  • For quiet times to think and write.
  • That I can work from home with my wife, and we can entertain each other.
  • It’s my mom’s birthday. Everyone is safe, healthy and happy. Life is good — I spoke to both Mom and Dad today.
  • For my husband who helps collect deliveries (up and down), and quietly helped me hang my wet towel back in place. ❤
  • For a loving husband — who buys me my favorite Din Tai Fung when I’m feeling unwell, and applies medication on my burns.
  • My boss appreciates my efforts/work and said during performance review that she’ll propose my promotion.
  • I have a job I can work comfortably from home. ❤

February 2021

  • For being able to write for an hour+ every morning. It sets my success for the rest of the day.
  • Despite no travel, everyone in my family is healthy, happy and doing well.
  • For free crypto during previous forks.
  • For Mia who sent us coffee and blueberry muffin from Coffee Bean. And Mom who cooked Yong Tau Foo, soup and chicken despite having classes.

March 2021

  • Going to toilet was smooth today.
  • That we’re at the end of Q1 (in COVID-19 season), and all my friends and family are healthy and well.

April 2021

  • Throughout my career, I’ve been given chances. People have taken chances on me and given me opportunities. I hope to do the same for others.
  • For leave days where I can sit, think, rest and write.
  • Watched an online sermon that really hit my heart.

May 2021

  • For Elly who’s been praying for me despite her own struggles.

June 2021

  • For Sundays where I can just sit, daydream, explore and write at home.

July 2021

  • I don’t have any vaccination side effects. Feeling really good! And company gave me a one-day holiday.
  • After working on a video project for seven hours, I couldn’t export the file. I was so frustrated that my work was lost and time wasted. Aaron told me he’ll pay for the USD 20 upgrade to solve the problem. Grateful for a great husband.

August 2021

  • For free lunch from my employers every Friday.
  • For peaceful transitions of power. Not because I support the winning side, but because it reminds me that change is possible. (Even if it’s terribly messy.)
  • I have time/means to learn about amazing things happening in the crypto world.

November 2021

  • People around me are healthy, and I can spend Sunday mornings reading.
  • For all the food our parents send us. Like the chicken my mother-in-law always sends and the 11 huge fishes my dad just sent me.

December 2021

  • For my wife, who’s leading the upcoming move to our new home.
  • For my dedicated team and colleagues at work. Who keep things running even during holiday season like this.
  • The leaking problem at home is resolved, and we don’t have to keep turning the main tap on/off. Thankful for Aaron who got the plumbers in and monitored them.

– – –

I hope we will all have many more things to be grateful for in 2022.

And I hope we’ll remember to make time to think about these things, and feel happy about them.

– – –

Names have been changed to maintain privacy. Thank you for all your love towards us.

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  • Great to hear from you and your lovely spouse sharing about life (things that we always take granted of, missed and forgot to be grateful & important! Thank you.

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