The 3rd Anniversary Giveaway Results

About 1.5 months ago, I organized a giveaway in conjunction with mr-stingy’s 3rd anniversary. I finally have the results.

(It’s taken very long, I know. I was traveling for work and ended up being sick for a couple of weeks; plus there was quite a lot of data to sort through. I’m sorry.)

Anyway, 78 current subscribers and 88 non-subscribers took part in the giveaway. There were two separate categories, because you know — I have to reward my loyal subscribers a little differently than the general public right?

But not only was I organizing a giveaway competition, I was also trying to get feedback from you guys on what I should write in my upcoming book. And before I announce the winners of the giveaway, I thought you guys might be interested to see what your fellow readers are saying.

Here’s what I found out:


Mailing List Subscribers

1. What’s Your Favorite Topic for Me to Write About?

mr-stingy's subscribers' favorite topic pie chart

Not surprisingly, most of my subscribers (59%) like me to write about Money. Career was a distant second, and Time was third.


2. What Should I NOT Write About?

Pie chart showing mr-stingy's subscribers' dislikes

36% of you love everything I write — Thank You! 31% of you don’t like my ramblings on Relationships, so I’ll take a long, hard look at my aspirations to be a Dating Guru. ๐Ÿ™

Nobody said they dislike my writings about Money.


3. How Much Are You Willing to Pay for My Physical Book?

On Average, RM 43.80

4. How Much Are You Willing to Pay for My E-book?

On Average,ย RM 23.60

That’s really helpful, because it gives me a good idea on how to price my books. But first, let’s see what the non-email-subscribers are saying.



1. What’s Your Favorite Topic for Me to Write About?

mr-stingy's public readers' favorite topic pie chart

Most people still prefer me to write about Money (51%) and Career (25%). Interestingly, slightly more people wanna hear about non-money related topics as compared to my existing email subscribers.

Maybe the public is still giving me a chance to prove myself in other topics. Hmmm…


2.ย What Should I NOT Write About?

mr-stingy's public readers' least favorite topic pie chart

37% here say that I shouldn’t write about Relationships, while 34% love everything I write about. Point taken — when I do touch about Relationships in my book, it’ll likely be written through the “Money and Relationships” lens.

Or maybe I’ll have just one final chapter on Love. ๐Ÿ˜‰


3. How Much Are You Willing to Pay for My Physical Book?

On Average, RM 48.50

4. How Much Are You Willing to Pay for My E-book?

On Average,ย RM 22.30

Wow, that’s interesting — my non-email subscriber readers are willing to pay slightly more for the physical book, but slightly less for the E-book. I’m now convinced the physical book needs to be priced around RM 43, while the E-book should be priced RM 20 and below.

Thanks guys!

p.s. As part of the giveaway, all non-subscribers have now been added to mr-stingy’s mailing list.


And Now, Announcing the Winners of mr-stingy’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway

1. From the Subscriber’s List, The Winner of a hardcover copy of “The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing”: Sashe (s*****

2. From the Public List, The Winner of a paperback copy of “The Millionaire Next Door”:ย Soo (p********

Winners were selected using a totally random process, and will be contacted via email. And yes, if you referred your friends — you had additional chances to win.

(If you still really want either of these two highly-recommended books, you can check them out at Book Depository by clicking the affiliate links below. Free delivery worldwide!)

Bogleheads' Guide to Investing Coverย  ย ย Millionaire Next Door Cover


Other Interesting Feedback

1. Common keywords to “What’s Currently Your Biggest Challenge in Life?”

Finding Purpose/Meaning, Career Happiness, Money, Cost of Living, Retirement, Investment, Relationships.

2. Funniest comment to “What Topic Can I Write About in My Book That Will Help You?”

“How to get girls.”ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

3. My favorite answer to “Any Other Suggestions/Feedback/Comments for Me?”

“Aaron, you have done quite a bit to make this world a better place to live for many. My heartfelt THANK U and my warm wishes to see your new book soon.”


– – –


Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for participating. Lastly, thank you for making me believe that I’m doing something worthwhile with this writing thing.

You might never fully understand how much this means to me, but I’m eternally grateful to all of you.

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