The Best 5 Malaysian Websites to Grow Your Money

One of the core tenets in mr-stingy’s philosophy is optimizing money. Half of that is learning to spend it in the right areas – to maximize growth and happiness.

In this article, we’ll look at the other half: saving and growing your money so you can have more to play with.  These are the absolute best 5 Malaysian websites for learning how to grow your money.

Disclaimer: I’ve personally used all this sites before. I’ve extensively read most of these sites. And no, I’m not getting paid by any of them.

And now, in no particular order…


Honorable Mention: – Can’t find an answer to a money question that’s been bugging you from the sites below? Post it on! Just be prepared for some PG13 rated language and the occasional gif of bouncing boobs.

Pricepanda – Want to get the absolute lowest price for that new Lumix camera you’ve been eyeing? Search for it on Pricepanda – they’ll lead you to the right store to purchase your new toy.

1-million-dollar-blog – Somewhat similar to KCLau below, but with a heavier focus on investment. Very straightforward and educational. logo

Number 5:

KCLau’s been writing and publishing for a long time. Probably longer than any of the other sites on this list. I remember reading his articles even back when I was still in university, so he has definitely withstood the test of time. His website is tagged “Personal Finance Money Tips” and contains a broad range of practical information for the everyday person.

A few examples of his articles are “Ultimate Tax Relief Guide for Malaysians”, “How To Build Multiple Sources of Income” and “How Much Do You Need To Save For Children Higher Education”. Interested yet? Thought so. He also writes in a less formal “blogging” style so it’s easy to understand, particularly for those from a non finance background.

Best thing about it: His articles about investing in the stock market.


RinggitPlus logo

Number 4: RinggitPlus

A very pretty Web 2.0-ish website which markets itself as a “comparison website”. RinggitPlus is all about finding the best loans (personal and housing), credit cards, discounts and promotions. It also has a blog with informative articles, but I find them to be rather short. I personally use RinggitPlus to quickly check up information about particular credit cards I’m interested about.

Best thing about it: The extremely pleasantly laid out information about each credit card and home loan. logo

Number 3: iMoney

iMoney is similar in look and concept to RinggitPlus, but it covers whole a lot more information. It has great comparison tools for Credit Cards and Loans and also includes information about Fixed Deposits and Insurance. There is a “Learning Centre” which is basically a blog with extremely well written articles. For example: “How Malaysians Can Buy Shares in Facebook: A Step by Step Guide”, “Budget 2014: What’s New” and  “Making An Insurance Claim After A Car Accident”.

iMoney also has a great credit card recommendation tool (below). It’s an affiliate link — meaning if you get a card through it — I’ll get a small fee to support my website. But absolutely no additional cost to you.

SmartSearch Banner Wide

Best thing about it: The articles in the “Learning Centre”. I’ve read stuff in here that I haven’t been able to learn anywhere else on the Internet. Especially for Malaysians. logo

Number 2:

If RinggitPlus were Justin Bieber (looks good, fulfills a specific requirement), iMoney would be Chris Daughtry (also looks good, but more mature and with more substance) and would be Alicia Keys (looks really good, has amazing substance and has that “established authority” feel to it). Between those 3, who would you want as your vocal coach? Alicia right? Well, that’s how comes across.

Head to the homepage and I’m sure you’ll at least love the “Compare and Save” box, which allows you to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Apple iPhone plans, among others. Aside from comparisons, also has tons of practical advice in other areas like insurance, tax and travel. If you have any bit of stinginess in you, and want to know how to make the absolute best decision with your money – this site will be heaven for you.

Best thing about it: The in depth comparisons for each product. How can you resist a link that says “Best Cashback Credit Cards In Malaysia”?


GenX GenY GenZ Blogpsot New Header

Number 1: Gen X Gen Y Gen Z – Generations Of Our Time

I love this site. It reminds me of how the web used to be. Lots of small low-res pics, links/adverts everywhere and colors all over the place! Make no mistake – this site is all about content. It’s a blog primarily about a man and his love of credit cards. And we’re lucky – because we get to read first-person comprehensive reviews about credit cards, the benefits of each, and even behind the scenes methods on how to get credit cards that you don’t qualify for.

You really want to learn about how to save money using credit cards? Read it.

Just playing along with the musical artiste comparison – doesn’t look very good, isn’t very polished, not the best PR, but has a unique sense of style. Some of you have never heard of him before – but is an absolute genius in terms of substance.

That’s right – this is the Steven Tyler of the Malaysian personal finance world.

Best thing about it: the annual “10 Best Credit Cards in Malaysia – Ultimate Showdown” articles.


*The original version of this article first appeared on Emmagem

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  • I noted that savemoney and ringgitplus website link to each other especially on the comparison tool like FD, Saving Accounts and others. Are they merging?

    • Hey Lim,

      I don’t think they’re merging, but I’m very sure they are collaborating together. Not sure if they’re a joint venture company.

  • I have a PTPTN loan about RM24,000. Cannot pay by credit card. =( any other option/suggestion?

    • Hey CJ,

      From what I hear, the PTPTN payment terms aren’t too bad. Low interest rate and can pay over 10 years? Might be worth paying slowly, and see if they come up with discounts some time down the road — which you can then grab.

      p.s. I just found out today also you can ask to reschedule your payments if too loan payment is too high…

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